Amaranth oil, cold-pressed and crude Ol'Vita 100 ml
  • Amaranth oil, cold-pressed and crude Ol'Vita 100 ml

Amaranth oil, cold-pressed and crude Ol'Vita 100 ml

Amaranth oil is produced by cold pressing of amaranth seeds. It is very valuable due to its unique composition which includes unsaturated acids, phytosterols, squalene and vitamin E in the form of tocotrienols.

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Amaranth oil is quite difficult to extract, as amaranth seeds only contain 7% of fat. The oil delivers many important health  benefits including strong antioxidative activity attributable to the presence of vitamin E in the form of tocotrienols, i.e. compounds shown to be up to 50 times more potent antioxidants than tocopherols. Tocotrienols strengthen the body’s defences and participate in the process of oxygen transport to body cells. In addition, they slow down the aging processes and have a proven benefit in the treatment of skin disorders. They help to keep the circulatory system in good condition by ensuring appropriate blood vessel elasticity and normalizing cholesterol metabolism.

Amaranth oil also contains squalene, a very beneficial polyunsaturated hydrocarbon which is considered one of the most potent antioxidants. Squalene is an essential component of cell membranes in every human cell. It is involved in all key processes in the body. For example, squalene neutralizes free radicals and plays a role in cholesterol synthesis. It supports hormonal balance and boosts the immune system, as well as delay off ageing process, protecting from UV radiation and providing support for the body’s cleansing processes.

Amaranth oil has a very good effect on digestive processes, speeds up metabolism and reduces inflammation. It works as a great remedy for liver, stomach and kidney complaints.

Amaranth oil provides many benefits when taken internally, but also by external application in cosmetics:

  • effectively restores the balance of fat and nourishes the skin, preventing dryness;
  • creates a layer of protection from free radicals and UV radiation;
  • as squalene is naturally present in human squalene, amaranth oil exhibits very high biocompatibility with human skin and is thus very well tolerated;
  • enhances skin elasticity, which makes the skin visibly younger;
  • regenerates the skin and soothes irritations;
  • restores the structure of very damaged hair;
  • possesses analgesic properties and supports the healing of hard-to-heal wounds and besores;
  • helps to fight acne;
  • exhibits very mild activity in skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis;
  • has antiinflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Amaranth oil must be ingested cold. It can be consumed directly or added to foods. Suggested dosage: one tablespoonful daily, preferably during a meal.

Some of the information is obtained from generally available sources.


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