Wholemeal Rye Flour, Type 2000 (Strong) - Organic, Naturplon

Wholemeal rye flour Type 2000 Organic is obtained by a single milling of whole rye grains. It is not sifted therefore the flour is coarser and dark. This flour contains a lot of bran which are a rich source of B group vitamins. It is perfect for making sourdough for homemade bread. Bran contained in this flour regulates the work of the digestive system, cleanses the body as well as supports weight loss.

The grain comes from an organic farming and it is grounded in its own mill.

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The product has a BIO (Organic) Certificate No. PL-EKO-04 ROLNICTO UE and the sign: Dziedzictwo Kulinarne (Culinary Heritage) for a regional product.

Wholemeal rye flour Type 2000 BIO contains protein and valuable fiber which has a positive effect on health.

This product is perfect for baking whole grain rye bread. 


Wholemeal rye flour - Type 2000

The product contains gluten

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