Water Melon Seed Flour - Premium, Ol'Vita 250g
  • Water Melon Seed Flour - Premium, Ol'Vita 250g

Watermelon Seed Flour / Watermelon Seed Meal - Premium, Ol'Vita 250g

Watermelon Seed Meal has the flavour characteristic of watermelon seeds and a light brown-green colour. It is a source of antioxidants, protein, fibre, minerals and B-group vitamins. It also contains potassium, zinc and magnesium

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Properties and use:

  • Helps blood vessels remain elastic,
  • Helps to control blood pressure,
  • Slows down the skin ageing processes,
  • Supports proper functioning of the nervous system,
  • It is anti-parastitic,
  • Supports treatment of prostate.

Watermelon seed meal is an excellent addition to desserts, salads, muesli, pastes and yogurts, but can also be used for baking and frying.
After opening, it must be closed and stored in a dry place.

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