Matero and Bombilla set
  • Matero and Bombilla set
  • Matero and Bombilla set
  • Matero and Bombilla set

Matero and Bombilla set

Matero and Bombilla is a high quality set of cup made of gorud fruit and spring ball made of  high quality stainlees steel

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Matero is made with the highest quality gourd fruit. The fruit of the gourd has a characteristic shape wide at the bottom and narrower at the top. Lower part of the fruit called Calabaza has a larger capacity, and an upper part (Porongo) has a smaller capacity.

Before using the product we have to do Curado (prepering the product for use).

Procedure Curado:

You should add dried Yerba Mate to 3/4 volume Matero, pour boiled water, then let stand for 12 hours. The product will have the smell of Yerba Mate and this will have a positive impact while drinking the brew. Sometimes matero may have a resinous odor. The smell will be removed and absorbed by the brew. After 12 hours you should wash matero under running water and remove located inside pieces of dry fruit, which have laxative properties.
After the Curado product is suitable for use.
Matero should be washed and dried after each use.

Bombilla (Spring Ball) is made of high quality stainless steel. It has a dual filtering system.

Bombilla consists of springs and holes. Perfectly filters as well as being easy to clean. Just unhook the ball. It has a cooling ring. Excellent product to Yerba Mate. The lenght of 16cm.

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