Olive Oil - Extra Virgin, Phileos of Sparta, Greece

Olive oil Phileos of Sparta is cold extracted from two varieties (Koroneiki and Athinolia) of olive fruit. These varieties are characterized by a high content of valuable polyphenols and also they are source of monounsaturated fatty acids Omega 9, mainly oleic acid.

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The product has the following awards:

  • Winner of the 2020 Silver Award (New York Olive Oil Competition)
  • Winner of the 2017 Gold Award (London International Olive Oil Competition - Health Claim)
  • Winner of the Bronze Award 2017 (London International Olive Oil Competition - Quality Award)
  • Winner of the Gold Award 2017 (New York Olive Oil Competition)
  • Winner of the Silver Award 2018 (London International Olive Oil Competition - Quality Award)

The premium quality of olives used for extraction, storage, harvesting as well as the extraction method make Phileos of Sparta olive oil a high end product.

The product has the protected geographical indication certificate - P.G.I. Laconia (Protected Geographical Indication). P.G.I. is a mark that indicates the quality of the product and that the product has been manufactured in accordance with special specifications.

The excellent quality of the olive oil is not only represented in its taste but also in medicinal value.

The effect of polyphenols and unsaturated fatty acids mainly Omega 9 for our health:

Polyphenols in olive oil protect blood lipids from oxidation and reduce oxidative stress. Thanks to this they prevent heart problems (such as heart attacks).

Unsaturated Fatty Acids mainly Omega 9 are responsible for the proper functioning of the body. Perfectly support the digestive system.

Olive Oil  in cosmetics:

  • improves skin elasticity,
  • perfectly moisturizes,
  • strengthens hair,
  • slows down skin ageing processes,
  • soothes irritations and minor injuries,
  • it has natural sunscreens,
  • perfect for dry and damaged skin,
  • reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

How to use:

Perfect for cold dishes and salads. Suitable for gentle frying, stewing dishes, however olive oil consumed cold has the greatest health properties.


100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sold in a dark glass bottle (250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml 1 l) and can (3 l, 5 l). Store in a dark and cold place (kept in the fridge might solidify).

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