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  • Oregano oil


    Do yourself your natural medicine!

    The herb commonly used as a culinary product to flavour meat dishes and pasta is a strong anti-inflammatory medication and its painkilling effect is comparable to the potential of morphine.

  • Why unrefined?


    There are only a few people who realise that oils have taste and aroma.

    During the refining process really high temperatures, often exceeding 200ºC, are incorporated and in such temperatures unsaturated fatty acids are turned into synthetic trans acids.

  • Coconut oil


    High quality cold-pressed product.

    Great for your health, perfect for your skin!

Top sellers

  • Dispatch and delivery

    We pack your products in safe packages and dispatch them at the latest on next working day following the day of the order placing by Royal Mail or a courier - to be selected at the order placing. You will receive the delivery after 2-7 working days unless the information at a given product or other arrangements provide otherwise.

    We deliver to the following countries: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Finland.

    We secure the content of the cardboard box with bubble wrap and thermal insulation, if required by the product.

About us

Healthy lifestyle fans! :)

Why purchase poor quality ingredients from supermarkets? Products that are excessively processed and prepared as cheaply as possible for manufacturers to boost their profits.

Our store has been established to help you get high quality, good value, healthy foods. We have started with oils, the basis of proper diet – healthy oils that are not readily available at supermarkets, if they are, their prices are horrifying.

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