Unrefined sunflower oil is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3 and vitamin E, known as the vitamin of youth. It lowers the level of cholesterol and thus lowers the risk of atherosclerosis and heart attack. It improves the brain function and prevents joint inflammation. It is also used in the fight against nocturnal leg cramps. It supports the immune system. Sunflower oil neutralizes free radicals and thus delays skin ageing process. It gives the skin elasticity and softness.

Sunflower oil has a delicious sunflower taste. It is not suitable for frying but it is an ideal addition to cooked dishes, pasta and salads.

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Ecological, cold-pressed and crude sunflower oil from Ol’Vita is derived from sunflower seeds. It strengthens the immune and circulatory system and supplements the deficiencies of vitamin E (25,6mg/100g) in the organism. Contains beta-carotene, lecithin and omega-6 fatty acids. Sold in glass bottles. Ideal for Ayurwedic method of oil pulling for body...
Sunflower oil, cold-pressed, unrefined - Purillo Sunflower oil, cold-pressed, unrefined - Purillo 2
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Best before end for the Sunflower oil 250ml - 05.2024 Sunflower oil is produced by cold-pressing GMO free sunflower seeds. This product is a rich source of Omega 6 fatty acids. Due to the cold pressing process the oil retains valuable nutrients that are beneficial to the well being. The high content of beta-carotene in the oil creates its dark yellow...

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