Grape Seed Oil, cold-pressed and crude, Ol'Vita 250 ml

It is the highest quality cold-pressed oil made of red and white grapes. It has an amazing grape and nutty aroma.  It contains vitamin E (156,25mg/100g), phytosterols, and procyanidins demonstrating strong antioxidant effects. Due to high content of essential fatty acids it has positive influence on the cardiovascular system.

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The seed oil contains approx. 86% of essential fatty acids (mainly omega 6 and 9) which help lower the level of blood cholesterol. The high content of vitamin E - vitamin of youth - has positive influence on the condition of eyes, joints, and muscles. The procyanidins constitute a unique ingredient of the grape seed oil; they have a strong effect neutralising free radicals constantly attacking the body.

When cooking the grape seed oil can be use in both cold and hot dishes. Its smoke point is very high (over 190°C) which makes it perfect for gentle frying.

In cosmetology the grape seed oil, when used externally, conditions skin making it soft to the touch. The anti-free radical effect allows reducing the visibility of signs of passing time on the face. When used a hair mask it improves its condition and imparts natural gloss.

It is sold in a dark glass bottle. It is green and yellow in colour, grape and nutty in taste, and subtle grape fragrant. Once opened it should be kept in a fridge.

You might receive a bottle with Polish or English label.

Some of the information is obtained from generally available sources.


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