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    Intenson Europe Sp.z.o.o.

    Intenson has a wide assortment of high quality products. The food items on offer are a wealth of minerals and vitamins that supplement deficiencies in the body. The company's goal is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. The company operates GHP (Good Hygienic Practice), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) systems that provide security. Products under the Intenson brand are certified by IFS (International Food Standard). In addition, the products are inspected and tested by the Quality Department. Intenson is constantly working to expand own offer.

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  • Nelson Honey

    Nelson Honey

    Nelson Honey firm combines three generations and the company was founded in 1973 year. The comapny belongs to the Nelson Honey & Marketing (NZ)  and it is owned by Filip Croppa. Over the last four decades the company has grown significantly in terms of production and international exports. The company offers high quality Manuka Honey. Due to the rich composition they provide the body with a number of essential components. Honey production is fully in line with NZ Food Safety Authority standards. Each batch of Manuka honey is independently tested by 3 different laboratories to determine levels of methylglyoxal (MG), carbon monoxide C4, hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and pollen count. Nelson Honey undergoes regular internal audits to meet compliance obligations in New Zealand.

  • Ol'Vita


    A family company of Ol'vita was established in 2004 as a continuation of a 10 – year passion and experience in the oil sector of the owner of the company – Mr. Krzysztof Dziaduch. He deals among others with seeds and oil seeds processing in the cold pressing process.

    Ol'vita under the slogan of “Eat healthy. Live long” launches into the Polish market cold-pressed oils, the consumption of which promotes health and prevents civilization diseases. The production process is fully compliant with the principles of HACCP, which constitutes the guarantee of good production and hygiene practices (GMP/GHP).

    In 2010 the company was awarder with the “Tree of Life” statuette for its cold-pressed oils, and in 2013 it won the 3rd prize in the category of family businesses as well as the title of the Winner of XIII edition of the nationwide "Key to success "contest.

    The flag products of the Company include: rapeseed oil and linseed oil which have been numerously awarded and certified for their quality

    • Pearl of the Year 2013 - given at the "Polagra" Fair in Poznań for Ślęża Rapeseed Oil cold-pressed.
    • Certificate of Ślężański Local Product - for Ślęża Rapeseed Oil cold-pressed.
    • The "Tree of Life" statuette - acquired at the Katowice Fair "Closer to health, closer to nature" in 2010 for cold pressed oils and sold in thermal packages.
    • 1st Prize in the competition "Our Culinary Heritage, Tastes of the Regions" – for Ślęża rapeseed oil, cold pressed in 2012.
    • 2013 Quality Cup - awarded by the Institute of Biotechnology of Agri-Food Industry in Warsaw for linseed oil for Dr. Budwig's diet. 
    • 3rd degree prize for the Ol'vita family company and the title of the Laureate of the 13th National Competition "Way to Success" 2013. 
    • 1st place - in the competition for the best food product IX Fair "Health has a taste" in 2015 for wheat germ oil cold pressed.
    • 1st Place and Golden Medal of Natura Food 2016 - for wheat germ oil at the Lodz International Food Fair Natura Food.
    • 1st prize in the contest "Our culinary heritage, flavors of the Regions" - for cold pressed linseed oil for dr. Budwig in 2013.
    • 2nd place - in the category Best Product-Service in the Economic Pleasure Sudety Crystals 2016 for ślęża rapeseed oil.
  • Ostlers


    Ostlers is a family run company producing high quality apple cider derived from traditional orchards located in Devon. In 2013 they were converted into organic orchards. The whole process of production takes place naturally. Apple cider vinegar is produced according to the old recipes as a result of fermentation and it is an unpasteurized and unfiltered product. It has a turbid consistency because it contains a Mother. Rich in valuable bioactive ingredients that help our health and improve digestion. In recent years Ostlers Cider Mill has won many awards such as "Best of Sauces and Accompliments 2012" in "Taste of the West" and "Gold" in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

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