Safflower Oil, cold-pressed and crude, Ol'Vita 500ml

The safflower oil is extracted in the process of cold-pressing of safflower seeds.

It is a priceless source of essential fatty acids - linoleic acid (essential omega 6 fatty acid).

Moreover, it has high content of vitamin E (34 mg/100 g) and is a valuable source of phytosterols (444 mg/100 g).

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Safflower seed oil is above all used in prevention and aiding treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Thanks to the content of the essential fatty acids it allows to maintain health balance of cholesterol in a body which mitigates the risk of atherosclerosis as well as heart attack and stroke. It lowers the blood pressure. It demonstrates blood thinning effects and prevents forming blood clots.

  • It boosts immune system.
  • Its properties include lowering the level of glucose in blood which is a valuable property for people with diabetes.
  • It is helpful in treating infections of the upper respiratory tract. It has expectorant properties, loosening phlegm, and reduces the difficulty breathing.
  • It demonstrates diaphoretic effects which lowers body temperature in case of raised temperature 
  • The safflower seed oil regulates forming prostaglandins in the body which turns out to be beneficial in reducing painful menstruation and in controlling the period. It mitigates the undesirable symptoms of menopause.
  • It regulates bowel movements. It is helpful in fighting overweight and constipation, as well as in case of Crohn's disease. Thanks to the content of essential fatty acids and significant amount of vitamin E the safflower works perfectly in cosmetology:
  • It neutralises free radicals and perfectly protects skin against external factors.
  • Reduces skin's photosensitivity to burns.
  • It stimulates skin regeneration.
  • Stops inflammation of skin and accelerates healing of wounds, acne, and psoriasis.
  • It shallows wrinkles and makes skin more elastic and supple but it also maintains proper level of hydration.
  • It can be also used to douche vagina in case of inflammation or irritation.
  • When used on head skin and hair it improves their condition.
  • It head skin micro-circulation which results in better nutrition of hair bulbs and hair growth stimulation.

To be used cold.
Safflower seed oil is recommended by Jerzy Zięba, the author of Ukryte Terapie [Hidden Therapies], as a source of one of the two necessary essential fatty acids (linoleic acid – LA).

Some of the information is obtained from generally available sources.


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