Milk Thistle Seeds Powder/Ground Milk Thistle Seeds Ol'Vita 200g

Ground milk thistle seeds are obtained from ground, partially defatted seeds. They contain unsaturated fatty acids, mainly linolenic acid, silymarin and vitamin E.
Silymarin present in seeds protects against viral hepatitis A, B and C as well as helps regenerate the liver
The factors that damage liver cells most often are heavy metals and alcohol.

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Properties and use:

  • support the liver function in case of hepatic insufficiency or cirrhosis,
  • demonstrate positive effects in case of recurring bruises, petechia and discolorations,
  • prevents gallbladder stones when regularly used,
  • support the treatment of jaundice.

Ground milk thistle seeds may be used as the ingredient of soups and sauces as well as they may be added to muesli, steam boiled vegetables, spreads, desserts and salads. Recommended daily intake is 1 teaspoon 2 times a day, favourably half an hour before a meal.

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