Jojoba Oil (Gold), Cosmetic, Cold-Pressed, Ol'Vita 50 ml
  • Jojoba Oil (Gold), Cosmetic, Cold-Pressed, Ol'Vita 50 ml

Jojoba Oil (Gold), Cosmetic, Cold-Pressed, Ol'Vita 50 ml

Cosmetic jojoba oil (golden), cold-pressed, 50 ml – a natural cosmetic for each skin type, both for oily, combination as well as dry skins. Suitable for the eye area skin care. The product may be applied on scalp, hair, hands and nails.

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The product:

  • Perfectly moisturises and protects dry skin against moisture loss.
  • Does not cause allergies or irritations as it is bio-compliant with human skin.
  • Demonstrates antibacterial and antifungal properties, which is very important in case of oily and problematic (acne) skins care as well as in case of combating dandruff or psoriasis.
  • Regulates sebum production.
  • Soothes skin inflammation, enhances skin regeneration processes.
  • Perfectly nurtures the skin and supports its natural functioning.
  • Smoothes and firms the skin.
  • Delays aging processes, protects against free radicals.
  • Increases the skin protection barrier.
  • Applied on the scalp, it penetrates the skin bulbs and dilutes sebum contained in sebaceous glands and normalises their functioning.
  • Enhances hair regeneration, moisturises, and gives the hair shine, volume and elasticity, helps combat dandruff.
  • Contains a natural sunscreen with SPF 4.
  • Constitutes base oil for dry, sensitive as well as combination, oily, acne and mature skins for deep cleansing with the oil cleansing method (OCM)


  • Jojoba oil (read: hoʊhoʊbə) is a liquid wax. It is resistant to high temperatures and extremely stable and resistant to oxidation (it does not go rancid).
  • Jojoba oil may be used to prolong the useful life of less sustainable oils in cosmetics
  • Light consistency
  • Perfect absorption, covers the skin with an imperceptible protective film.
  • Suitable under the make-up.
  • Very subtle aroma, straw-gold colour.
  • It solidifies in a low temperature. It is a natural process and it is fully reversible.

It contains:

  • esters of long-chain fatty acids and alcohols,
  • squalane being an element of the skin’s lipid coat,
  • natural UV sunscreen,
  • vitamins A, E (tocopherols) and F,


100% jojoba oil (golden), cold-pressed.

INCI: Simmondsia chinensis seed oil

The product does not contain any preservatives, artificial colourings or perfumes. Dermatologically tested.

The product is sold in a dark glass bottle with a pipette.

The product shall be stored in a dark, cold place.

Some of the information is obtained from generally available sources.

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