Sesame Seed Oil, Cosmetic, Cold-Pressed, Ol'Vita 50 ml
  • Sesame Seed Oil, Cosmetic, Cold-Pressed, Ol'Vita 50 ml

Sesame Seed Oil, Cosmetic, Cold-Pressed, Ol'Vita 50 ml

Cosmetic sesame oil is a natural cosmetic suitable for all skin types, and in particular for dry and sensitive skins.

The product stimulates blood circulation and regulates sebaceous glands functioning. It is suitable as the baby care product.

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The product:

  • Used for warm massage, detoxifies the organism and makes the skin elastic and smooth. Additionally, it stimulates blood circulation.
  • Eliminates free radicals simultaneously protecting the skin against aging.
  • Demonstrates warming-up and detoxifying effects. It regulates sebaceous glands functioning.
  • Prevents water loss through the epidermis, thanks to which it perfectly moisturises the skin.
  • Purifies pores and prevents spots.
  • Protects the skin against harmful environmental factors.
  • Added to a bath, makes our skin smooth and nourished.
  • Prevents genital infections.
  • Helps combat lice.
  • Prevents dandruff and inflammations.
  • Nurtures dry, damaged hair.
  • Is suitable even for the sensitive baby skin protecting it against irritations.
  • Contains a natural sunscreen with SPF 4.


  • Resistant to going rancid.
  • Yellow colour.
  • Characteristic, sesame aroma.
  • Not resistant to high temperatures.

It contains:

  • micro and macro elements: phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc,
  • tocopherols– vitamins E and B6,
  • high content of omega 6 fatty acids (linoleic acid),
  • antioxidants,

The origin and ways of obtaining:

For ages, sesame trees (sesamum indicum) have been cultivated in such countries as Sudan, Egypt, Japan and China. Sesame oil is one of the oldest oils in the world. It is obtained by cold pressing sesame seeds.


100% sesame oil, cold-pressed.

INCI: Sesamum indicum seed oil

The product does not contain any preservatives, artificial colourings or perfumes. Dermatologically tested.
Once opened, the product shall be stored in a cold place.
The product is sold in a dark glass bottle with a pipette.

Some of the information is obtained from generally available sources.

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